Peace, Love, and Herbs

Hella Green Herbs was founded by M. Green (aka Green) with a passion for natural ingredients helping the body heal and balance itself. Green faced complications with sinuses, interrupted sleep, heavy congestion, carrying unwanted weight, eczema, and digestion. He started to research and sample different natural herbs in tea form or as an add-in to smoothies. He noticed a difference and believed in the herbs but their flavor was not appealing. He didn’t look forward to drinking his ‘concoctions’ but pushed past the taste to reach a better balance and feel better.

After shedding several pounds of fat and having a noticeably clearer complexion, friends and family began to inquire what he was doing differently. He happily shared what regimen he was following but the flavor of the herbs was too much for most people to ignore. So, he started to look into how he could help loved ones ingest the herbal blends without offending the taste buds.

The answer was in capsule form! Vegetable-based capsules allowed people to get a healthy amount of herbs ingested without having to taste the ingredients. Our blends are helping customers feel and look better every day!

While we do not claim to heal or cure any health conditions, we DO claim customer satisfaction! We recommend our customers continue to follow the advice of their physician.